A “smart” Taxi Dispatching System

Become eTaxi Rider.
Use the eTaxi App to call a Taxi in Cyprus for an immediate ride
Download the Ride-App for Android and iOS
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Become eTaxi Driver

Use the eTaxi Driver App and put your cab on the map.
Download the Driver-App for Android

For the passengers

- Get car services with a few clicks on your Smartphone
- Choose your driver or company
- Move promptly and safety


For the taxi drivers

- Attract more customers
- Provide innovation services
- Protect your self from potential dangers


For the base

- Serve the center's calls optimally
- Reduce your operating costs
- Automate vehicle management

How it works

01. Each etaxi Car Driver is equipped with a smart phone (Android), which is “connected” to the etaxi system. The etaxi system is continuously aware of the positions and status (available or unavailable) of the connected etaxi Cars. To call an etaxi Car Driver, Potential Riders use the etaxi application on their smart phones.

02. Once a “call” is received by the system, it is geo-located and a list of the available etaxi Car Drivers (that use the etaxi system) close to the Potential Rider is presented to the Potential Rider’s smart phone. The Potential Riders picks a etaxi Car Driver of choice. The etaxi Car Driver gets the call details on her (his) terminal screen, and (s)he can accept or reject the call with a touch of a button. The etaxi Car Driver drives to the pick-up point and the Rider confirms the identity of the etaxi Car Company and Driver name and the estimated pick-up time.

03. The etaxi Car Driver has the option to be navigated step-by-step towards the pick-up and destination points, while at all times (s)he can use an SOS button in case of emergency. This SOS function will let authorities know (i.e. NYC Police, TLC Police, Ambulance Services, etc) exactly where the etaxi Car is at any point in time so assistance can be efficiently provided. The whole transaction, service route, time-stamps, optional Rider number and etaxi Car and Driver identity are recorded for accounting purposes, proof of service, and dispute resolution.

eTaxi Riders

eTaxi is free for Riders.

eTaxi Drivers

The eTaxi Car Driver pays for the system terminal at cost. The eTaxi Car Driver pays a monthly service fee to the mobile phone service provider.

Step to become a driver

step one
Download and lunch the app
  • Enter your phone number and to recive an otp code
  • Once you Add the otp code
step two
You have to enter the required detail
  • Name
  • Surname
  • Email
  • Town
  • Taxi
step three
Add your documents
  • Driver Image
  • Driving Licence
  • Professional Driving Licence
  • Valid taxi insurances
  • Road Τaxi License
  • VAT registration number
step four
Once we approve your request! You are ready to ride!

Available for Riders

Riders that are residence or tourists download for FREE the application
from Google play store or App Store

Available for Drivers

eTaxi driver gets etaxi android device and is ready to receive and expedite client calls.
No installation procedure or other special hardware is required